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Peper design have a long standing relationship with Templemere Public Relations London. Templemere PR is an established boutique communications consultancy. We have worked closely together for over eight years, answering their various needs and recently incorporating their new division, 'The London Link', successfully within the Templemere banner. A recent upgrade and redesign of their website also introduced new areas of the business.

The original brief was to rebrand the company with an image that needed to feel fresh and young, whilst at the same time appealing to their more conventional clients. The use of colour and simplicity of shapes, combined with the tree symbol, produced an identity which is smart and young, yet also timeless. The tree represents longevity of life, strength and also the parkland location of the company's founding offices.

The website included bright colours which give impact to the site and a combination of strong images which add to the feel of a boutique company.

graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming

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