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This exciting brief was to create a modern, fresh identity for an up-and-coming Surrey garden designer.

At the centre of the new identity was the use of the abbreviated 'CM' which became a logo in its own right. To create the identity, we customised a classic font to epitomise the soft, botanical nature of the business, but yet also embody a clean, architectural feel to represent Cherry's style of work.

One particular challenge of the website design was to incorporate attractively a vast collection of photographs to reflect the range of the client's existing portfolio of work, as well as the wide scope of garden design services offered.

We have a strong, long standing relationship with Cherry Mills Garden Design, and we have been involved with this growing business for eight years, originally producing her visual identity which was taken across various products.

More recently we were asked to update and modernise the website, incorporating a new portfolio of projects and also introducing videos of various gardens. The original visual identity design was still completely appropriate. We kept all of the original colours and logo but introduced more light and freshness into the design. We simplified certain parts of the site so that the reader would be able to easily navigate and at the same time see all of the various garden design layouts available.

graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming

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