Garden Designer, Surrey


Brand Creation, Stationery,
Promotional Materials, E-newsletters & Website Design

Our brief was to create a brand new identity for a garden consultant/designer.

Our client is someone that values and understands the importance of design and of having a strong visual identity in order for her to build up her brand. The aim was to celebrate the quality of the work and also support the future growth of the business. She commissioned Peper Design to produce various elements including website design, stationery, folders, notepads, invitations and quarterly e-newsletters, all designed in order to ensure that the brand reamined consistent and strong throughout.

We were inspired by original litho drawings of botanical plants, combining classical illustrations with simple but strong typography. The new brand identity combines luxurious, strong, natural colours and the combination embraces the past and present, creating a classical design.

graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming
graphic design godalming

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